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  "Better Leaders for a Better World"  


Role, and activities. Our international institute, based in France, is primarily active in the organisation and supervision of leadership education and development curricula, as well as the related course delivery, and for persons active in many professional domains, and residing in numerous countries around the globeINSIL does not seek nor pursue 'business-model' type of aims or ways of operating. 


Our institute offers post-graduate diploma and degree programmes (MA and PhD) in leadership studies. The curricula were sourced at the INSIL-affiliate where they were originally designed: the Thierry Graduate School of Leadership of Belgium. The course delivery modes at INSIL include e-coached distance education or blended learning, in which English, or English and French, are the languages of instruction. Some of the programmatic requirements can take place in cooperation with other educational organisations experts worldwide. The THIERRY-sourced international courses can also be offered by INSIL at other locations worldwide, through the CLEAR-CREAL knowledge-sharing platform.


Institutional roots. Our mission statement and slogan, Better Leaders for a Better World, stems from the THIERRY Graduate School of Leadership. By its humanity's hopes of leadership cornerstone concept, THIERRY is truly unique in the world. Established in the south of Belgium, and having become a European knowledge centre in the area of practice-oriented and multidisciplinary leadership, THIERRY nonetheless retains its small-is-beautiful type of appeal. The INSIL-THIERRY intra-institutional synergy further strengthens the aims, value, and effectiveness of the leadership programmes. The person-centredness in leadership education, leader training, and personal development remains at the heart of the INSIL-approach. 


INSIL-THIERRY also host the environmental leadership masters programme and climate change multidisciplinary leadership sustainability courses of the symbolic i2LN Icare Institute for Leadership and Nature. The enrolment capacity at INSIL and THIERRY combined is limited to 50 students per year. The stringent admission requirements, and faculty profile standards' level, make that the actual number of students per year is lower than the cap-number.


Accreditation. The institute is licensed by the French State Ministry of National and Higher Education and Research as a private institution of higher education including distance learning of its registered master's and doctoral curricula and online courses that lead towards the earning of the institute's own certificate/diploma, and also to a recognised academic degree. The thesis (dissertation) phases in the masters and doctorate programmes are governed by the accreditation provisions set forth in the officially validated inter-collegiate charter that comprises amongst others an external review council (ERC) requirement. 


Location. The institute's central office and its management body's legal seat are situated in Charleville-Mezieres, in north-eastern France. By means of its privileged relationship with THIERRY, the institute extends its reach across local borders, encompassing the Thierry House eco-campus site in the Belgium Ardennes.  



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