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Presidency of the institute [1]   


Jean-Pierre Bal is the président-directeur (executive president) of INSIL France. 


Leadership educator and CEO coach


He is also the Institute Professor of Leadership, the most senior faculty member, and at the THIERRY Graduate School of Leadership which he founded in Belgium in the year 2000. His executive role has always been subordinate to the educational one: "a CEO should be actively involved in the training of emerging leaders at all levels in the organisation; a pivotal role, a first and foremost one". 


In light of rapidly evolving new ventures, he has in recent years spun down his activities in leadership education, though remaining in part active in CEO leadership developmental coaching. 


In the past years he has been transitioning into neo-classical art of craft and craftsmanship education, following a hobby of his. As a corollary thereof he launched the Ecole des Malletiers Nicolas Gilbert school in Belgium in 2018, and in 2021 the Ecole des Malletiers Jean PARÉ sister-school in France. 


Extended CV: see profile at THIERRY


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[1] In line with the INSIL statutory policies and as a non-profit organisation, the presidency position is not remunerated (i.e. pro bono).



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