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Presidency and management of the institute [1]   


Jean-Pierre BAL


At INSIL the institute's directorship and the governing board's presidency roles are combined into a single executive presidency position. Jean-Pierre Bal is the président-directeur of INSIL, since 2009. His executive role remains subordinate to his educational one, in his words: "any CEO should be very actively involved in the training of emerging leaders at all levels in the organisation; a pivotal role, and first and foremost". He is also the Institute Professor of Leadership.


Most recent activities (since 2015)


At the THIERRY Graduate School of Leadership, which he foudned in the year 2000, he is Renaissance Professor of Leadership, the school's most senior faculty position. In 2015 he reinitiated his past explorations in the fields of creativity, design-thinking, self-leadership, and multidisciplinary realms, thus not limited to leadership development per se. He shares his expertise in talent development by offering courses, workshops, and consultancy to individuals and organisations active in many areas and levels.


Since a few years his focus is on the arts, the crafts, the fashion world, some scientific areas (re climate change),and  entrepreneurship. In 2018 he is venturing in yet another field, craftsmanship, with the fully fledged start of his Ecole des Malletiers in Belgium and France.


More extensive CV: see profile at THIERRY


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[1] In line with the INSIL statutory policies as a non-profit organisations, the position is not remunerated (i.e. executive presidency is pro bono).



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