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Centre for Leadership Education and Advancement Resources

français : Centre de Ressources pour l'Enseignement et l'Avancement du Leadership


International cooperation programmes in leadership education 


CLEAR is the Centre for Leadership Education and Advancement Resources (in French: CREAL Centre de Ressources pour l'Enseignement et l'Avancement du Leadership). CLEAR - CREAL is INSIL's knowledge sharing platform for the cooperation in leadership education and development. In general the cooperation partners are educational institutions or leadership centres and research units, but can also include non-governmental or public organisations, and around the world. The CLEAR-CREAL was established in 2004 by the THIERRY Graduate School of Leadership of Belgium. Since 2011 the centre is managed exclusively by INSIL, following the affiliation agreement between THIERRY and our institute. 


By means of the CLEAR the possibility is offered of using, for instance, the LEADERDUCT concept which includes the design, implementation, or monitoring of entire curricula, or of sets of courses or seminars in the areas of leadership development and training, leadership practice, environmental leadership, and leadership education in the broadest sense. All programmes include the organisation of courses in accordance with the LEADERFLOW approach found in the L-VORTEX learning framework in leadership development. These methods and approaches have been sourced at THIERRY. All programmes have a record of proven success of more than 10 years, with some up to 20, and one seminar of up to 50 years of implementation. The focus is always on practice-oriented leadership development, training, and study.  


The CLEAR-CREAL intercollegiate cooperative projects can include single or joint (dual) degree, diploma, or certificate programmes; offered in several learning modes (residence in-classroom, online, hybrid,...), and in several languages of instruction. The range of a project can be for an entire curriculum including course materials, or smaller sets of courses. Whenever needed the faculty members of the partner institution will be trained by their peers at INSIL and THIERRY. The initial management of a cooperation is undertaken conjointly by the partner institution and ours. The final aim is that the programme be managed by the partner-institution entirely on its own. For detailed information please contact  Jean-Pierre Bal, president of our institute.   




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