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The Graduate Program in Effective Leadership and Organizational Change


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Admission requirements  


To qualify for admission in the Graduate program, and apart from the application documents to be submitted, each applicant has to meet a set of conditions. The most important ones are: 


the intrinsic will to improve one's leadership skills and competencies, in conjunction with one's professional requirements and career goals; 


  at least 3 years of relevant full-time professional experience (preferably 5 years), and gained after having obtained an undergraduate degree.  


  to hold a bachelor or master's degree from a recognized institution of higher education. 


the ability of combining professional activity, and personal life, with study. Major parts of the programme require adequate timing for study, and within agreed course completion timelines. 




With the aim of meeting the person-centeredness and quality objectives of the program, the number of places in the master's program is limited. 


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The application process is monitored by INSIL.      contact  


The application fee amounts to EUR 145, but is due only if the initial evaluation of the application request would most probably lead to admission into the program.  


The program costs are outlined on the page related to the   fees


  Introduction     Framework     Admission     Fees      Contact



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