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The Graduate Program in Effective Leadership and Organizational Change


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Three Phases and Stages


Considering the challenge it may be of combining work with study, and with personal life, the INSIL graduate program is divided into three phases. The participant's learning success is rewarded at two intermediate and at the final stage of the program. The first is the INSIL Graduate Certificate in Leadership; the second is the Graduate Diploma in Applied Leadership Studies (DAL), and the final one is the Master of Arts in Leadership degree crowning the entire program.


Phase 1: Graduate Certificate in Leadership


The first phase Certificate program is composed of six course units. Five are course-based, and the sixth one is a project paper prepared by the student. The subject of the paper is practice-oriented, ties in with the participant's professional activity, and can become the steppingstone towards the more comprehensive paper due at the end of the second phase.


Phase 2: Graduate Diploma in Leadership Studies (DAL)


After the six units of the Certificate, the Diploma phase is composed of four course units of which the last one is the final paper. The final paper in the Diploma phase can become the basis for the subsequent master's thesis. The building of the thesis through the prior stages' project and final papers is a gradual process by means of which the participants also enhance their professional skills in written communication.


Phase 3: Master of Arts in Leadership degree (MA)


For the degree, after the Diploma stage, there are two remainder course unit requirements, including the master's thesis. It is expected that the participant present a thesis that reflects the high level or 'caliber' of INSIL program graduates. The guidance and supervision provided by the faculty members, is commensurate with the participant's ambition of writing a thesis that strengthens the graduate's enhanced career objectives.


Duration of the program


Taking into consideration that the studies are undertaken part-time, the completion of the first six course units (towards the Certificate) requires at least 12 months (up to 18 months). The subsequent Diploma stage is of approximately 8 months (up to 12 months). The courses are delivered one by one, throughout the year (except faculty vacation, or end-of-year or similar holiday breaks).  For the Degree stage the length varies in accordance with the subject scope and individual pace of completion of the master's thesis. 


The subject titles of the course units in the program are listed in the   curriculum



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