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Tuition fees: norm levels 


The fees are aligned with the program's three phases and their respective graduation stages (Certificate, Diploma, and then Degree). 


In the graduation system at INSIL, tuition fees are due only for the Certificate and Diploma (DAL) phases of the program. The fees for the Degree-phase are waived when the Diploma is completed Cum Laude or higher. The institute's faculty expects that all participants earn sufficiently high grades, thus demonstrating the ability of undertaking a master's thesis while benefiting from the merit-based fee waiver for the Degree-phase. The INSIL system also applies to the Leadership Programs for Haiti framework [1]


Tuition fees: participants in Haiti 


For Haitian participants who are active in the economic and societal development of their country,  there is a special grant called "Thierry For Haiti" (TFH) [2] . It was in January 2010, in the wake of the earthquake disaster, that Prof. Jean-Pierre Bal pledged his personal support, and that of The Thierry Graduate School of Leadership of Belgium, to provide pedagogical and financial assistance for the training of new generations of leaders in the Haitian communities. 


By means of the  TFH grant, Haitian participants in the program benefit from a substantial reduction in total fees. Furthermore, when the number of participants increases, the resulting economies of scale are apportioned to all of the program participants (tuition fee levels decreasing further). 


The costs (travel, lodging,...) for the residence module(s) are -not- included in the aforementioned fee levels, nor are they covered by grants of the institute. 


The fees are due before the start of the given program-phase. All fees have to be paid by bank wire.  


For further information about the TFH:   contact INSIL



[1] To qualify for the merit-based fee waiver, the Degree-stage must be started immediately after the Diploma stage completion (if not extra fees will be due). 


[2] The TFH Grant is a combination of a President's grant and a Flag grant, in the TuitionBridge financial aid system administered by the Thierry Graduate School of Leadership of Belgium. 



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