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The Postgraduate Program in Leadership and Mastery of Change


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Four Pillars, and Two or Three Stages


The INSIL postgraduate program in leadership is divided into Four Pillars. Furthermore, the participant's learning success is rewarded at either two or three stages or phases within the program : first the INSIL Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership, then the Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Leadership Studies (PALS), and finally the PhD in Leadership and Mastery of Change.


First phase: Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership


The Certificate program phase is composed of eight course units. Seven of those are course-based, and the eighth one is a Research paper prepared by the participant. The First phase is not required for the students who from the start aim at obtaining the PALS diploma, and PhD degree.  


Second phase: Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Leadership Studies (PALS)


The Diploma phase is composed of fourteen course units (including seven that are in common with the Certificate stage). The last course unit requirement is the Final paper which becomes the basis for the subsequent PhD research and thesis. 


Third phase: PhD Degree phase


The PALS graduates can continue their studies towards a PhD degree. The thesis (dissertation) is subject to prior approval, and then requires an oral defence (viva).  Detailed information and guidance will be provided upon request. 


Duration of the program


Taking into consideration that the studies are undertaken part-time, the completion of the Postgraduate Certificate requires approx. 18 months of study. If the Diploma phase is chosen from the start, it requires approx. 36 months towards completion. For the Degree stage the length varies between 1.5 to 2.5 years, in accordance with the subject scope, the pace of research, the final completion of the thesis manuscript, and the timing of the viva. 


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