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Introduction: the programs' audience


The Leadership Programs for Haiti initiative contributes to the growth and development of emerging leaders and of more experienced leaders, active in Haiti specifically. INSIL organizes graduate and postgraduate leadership programs that address the needs of persons who want to undertake comprehensive and practice-oriented leadership studies that support their career growth and organizational needs. All participants - the term being preferred over that of students - have relevant work experience, and undertake their studies alongside their habitual employment. The multidisciplinary or 'open' pedagogical approach that is genuinely typical of the INSIL programs, is based on the fact that leaders are active in all sectors of society.   


Mode: Distance learning, residence modules


To find the most adequate life-work-study balance, the program is offered in distance education mode, with e-coaching, and with residence modules in France or Haiti. The program participants blend study with their individual professional and personal lives. There is also a one-week residence module, taking place in France at the end of the first or second year of study (summer course). Depending on the number of participants, the face to face in-classroom module can also take place in Haiti (Port-au-Prince), and, study-team interaction of participants is encouraged locally. 


Guidance: e-coaching by key-faculty


Throughout the entire program each participant benefits from personalized e-coaching by experts in leadership, and who are experienced in distance learning, classroom teaching, and coaching. Some faculty members are called upon for certain areas of high-specialization or as guest speakers. The keynote faculty includes Prof. Bal, president  of INSIL France, and who is also in charge of monitoring the Leadership Programs for Haiti initiative. 


Language: English, or bilingual English and French 


One of the particularities in the Leadership Programs for Haiti  resides in its single or dual language features. While all of the course materials are in English, the bilingual francophone course-participants can complete the course examinations and comprehensive papers in either French or English. The e-coaching takes place in either or both languages. The summer residence presents seminars offered by bilingual faculty members as well.


The curricular and other types of programs


There are two curricular programs, in accordance with the aims, profiles, and experience of the participants:


1. the master's (Graduate) program      DAL + MA description pages 


2. the (pre-)doctoral (Postgraduate) program    PALS + PhD description pages


Other types of programs can also be offered at  certain moments of the year, for example entirely personalized course packages (tailor-made leadership development programs).      contact




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