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Distance Education Students at INSIL-THIERRY - Professional Environments



Source: INSIL-THIERRY student enrolment data (audited), from Feb 2005 to Mar. 2015.


Categories: Societal services includes NGOs, healthcare professionals and organisations, environmental awareness sector, sports non-profits, faith-based organisations, community groups, and most public engineering services. Education includes educators or management staff at the primary, secondary, or tertiary education levels; and professionals in vocational or professional training. Consultancy includes independent professionals/firms in the arts, humanities, sciences, engineering, ICT, and if the main environment of activity is not in one of the other categories


Note: chart re. students/alumni who attend(ed) a distance learning curriculum program at INSIL and/or at THIERRY. Are not included: students of in-classroom programs; of  joint-venture or bespoke DR Leadership programmes; nor transfer students, or other special courses.


Of related interest: students and alumni  geographical locations





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