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Curricular programmes (for a certificate, diploma, or degree)



1. Distance learning programmes (online and e-coached, taught in English, or bilingual).


In the distance learning programmes all of the course materials are in English. The pedagogical guidance and coaching is offered by expert staff, in English, or in French for the bilingual students. Francophone students who master the English language can attend the programme version that includes course delivery in English, and course examination completions plus coaching and mentorship in French (for example in the Leadership Programs for Haiti). 


All of the curricular programmes are structured in two or three phases. Each phase comprises a given set of course units. Successful completion of the phases leads to the awarding of, successively, either the Certificate and/or the Diploma of post-graduate studies from the institute, and finally the master's or doctoral (PhD) degree.


Most of the distance learning courses are self-paced (asynchronous) ones, but with the exception of the residence course unit requirement (45 to 60 hours of face to face interaction), taking place during the one-week intensive summer residence programme, and/or during regional at other locations around the world, or by special individualized residencies (in France).


Post-graduate programmes in distance learning:


  The masters-level programme towards the Executive Diploma in Leadership (EDL), 60 ECTS, as of 2017-2018 more


  The specialist masters programme in Environmental Leadership, (120 ECTS), also called 'TERRA', symbolically embodied by i2LN The Icare Institute for Leadership and Nature, the INSIL-THIERRY joint-venture  > more i2LN at THIERRY 


  The pre-doctorate programme, Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Leadership Studies ('PALS'), and its post-diploma phase, the PhD Doctor of Philosophy degree in Leadership    more


2. Face to face (classroom) programmes (taught in French or in English).


The master's level leadership programme in which French is the language of instruction, leads to the institute's Certificat Spécial en Leadership or to the Diplôme en Leadership Appliqué (equiv. EDL). 


The THIERRY-sourced in-classroom masters leadership programme in which English is the language of face to face instruction and course materials, is currently offered only through the CLEAR-CREAL cooperative partnerships with a few selected educational organisations around the world. 


3. Blended learning (programmes with online and face to face course units).


The delivery mode of the some of the programmes can be personalised in order to meet the work agenda and other professional commitments of executive students. The fully personalised (tailored) programmes, combining several modes of course delivery, including individualised executive seminars and exclusive coaching, are offered through the DR Leadership unit of The THIERRY Graduate School of Leadership, our Belgian affiliate (more at THIERRY). 





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