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"Today's society towards the future"



The INSIL president's leadership courses, facilitated in person by Jean-Pierre Bal, the institute's CEO, are part of the New Decade Plan (towards 2020) and related program-series launched in 2010 by the THIERRY Graduate School of Leadership, INSIL's affiliate in Belgium. 


Most of the courses/seminars are presented under the "today's society towards the future" caption, with the pertaining leadership roles, including components that focus on the development of efficacy and resilience of self, others, and organizations as a whole. For example:


· Crisis Leadership: Time Dimension, Human Challenges, and Impact Management


· Imagination, Creativity, and Vision: Assessing Leadership Responsibilities


· Leadership, Environment, and Climate Change: Roadmaps for the Future


For details about the program structure and delivery modes (personalized or intra-organizational training) please contact Jean-Pierre Bal. For the exclusive Chronos CEO program, click here





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