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CHRONOS: for presidents and chief executive officers



The prestigious CHRONOS CEO Leadership Program is intended for leaders who are or will be active at the highest level of an organisation. The CHRONOS is a long-term type of program that coalesces with, for instance, top leadership succession at the helm of large organisations; governance changes in chief of state positions or other roles of high responsibility in government, or public, private, or supranational organisations, or leading families and monarchies. 


Launched in 2002 by The THIERRY Graduate School of Leadership of Belgium*, the program was the first of its type in the entire world. Jean-Pierre Bal, president of INSIL, is the CEO-guide and program's ambassador to heads of state, monarchs, family leaders, captains of industry, and other VIPs in Europe and worldwide. 


* The CHRONOS CEO Program is offered ONLY by the DR Leadership bespoke programs unit of THIERRY.



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