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The main office of INSIL International Higher Institute for Leadership is at Charleville-Mezieres, a city in north-east France, at the heart of Western Europe. The institute organizes international leadership training and education programs for people living and working around the world. Charleville-Mezieres is  at the intersection of roads, tracks, and other pathways that connect Paris, Liège, Bonn and Cologne; London and Strasbourg;  Antwerp, Brussels and Reims; Luxembourg and Lille; Amsterdam and Lyon, Dublin and Munich, Bordeaux and Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Le Havre,...



Direct connection between Charleville-Mezieres and Paris by high-speed trains (TGV, 75 minutes)


Situation map of our Administrative Office 

(! new address since Jan. 2016) 

(courses are offered at other locations, and also online)

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