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Presidency of the institute [1]   


Jean-Pierre Bal is the executive president of INSIL France, since 2010. He was also the Institute Professor of Leadership (2015-2023). In 2000 he founded the THIERRY Graduate School of Leadership in Belgium. The THIERRY school, an INSIL affiliate, is currently undergoing a major transformation. > more


Having reached retirement age in 2023 Jean-Pierre is since focusing solely on top-level CEO leadership developmental coaching. 


Yet in the meantime his career had also been including art of craft and craftsmanship education. As a certified craftsman he launched the Ecole des Malletiers Nicolas Gilbert school in Belgium in 2018, and the Ecole des Malletiers Jean PARÉ sister-school in France in 2021, both under the aegis of INSIL. 


Ecole des Malletiers Belgium and Jean PARÉ France


Follow Jean-Pierre on instagram: @doublanse



[1] In line with the INSIL statutory policies and as a non-profit organisation, the executive presidency position is not remunerated (i.e. pro bono).



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