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private institution of higher education established in France



Since its founding in 2009 the mission of our institute has been to contribute to a better world by developing leaders and leadership educators. At our institute and its affiliates, emerging as well as experiences leaders attend our courses while sharing the same personal and common aim: to acquire the adequate skills or to enhance existing competencies in the art of leading and of leadership facilitation.


Since 2017 the institute takes on a second role, by providing an educational aegis if not as an incubator, for education initiatives in other disciplines of study than that of leadership specifically. Such is the case for the Jean PARÉ school, a highly specialised entity preparing its students to the malletier craft. PARÉ thus offers art of craft programmes, by training a select number of craftsmen and craftswomen who will become leaders in their artistic craftsmanship domain. > more on the Jean PARÉ site          



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sites of the associate schools in Belgium

Ecole des malletiers Nicolas GILBERT

The Thierry Graduate School of Leadership


INSIL-THIERRY associated initiative

i2LN Icare Institute for Leadership and Nature


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